Are 500mg CBD gummies strong?

If you are new to CBD, the 500 mg gummies are ideal for you. They are strong enough for beginners and have their effects lasting for long. Here is all you need to know about the 500 mg CBD gummies at the JustCBD store and elsewhere.

Choosing the right potency for CBD gummies can be challenging when you are starting out on the CBD regime but the 500 mg CBD gummies are strong and long-lasting. If you are new to CBD, they are ideal for you since the potency is neither too strong nor too weak and the long-lasting effects are all you need for a start. Of course, the JustCBD store and other CBD outlets have lower potency CBD gummies that you could also opt for, including the 250 mg gummies. Peer into this article to understand the whole idea of CBD potency and why the 500 mg options should be your favorite pick.

Introducing CBD

Before looking at CBD gummies, you need to understand the parent compound, CBD. Although there are many CBD products to tap into, not every CBD fan understands CBD. Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020) described CBD as a non-psychoactive chemical compound in hemp. Hemp belongs to the cannabis class which boasts many active compounds called cannabinoids. Nature has more than 100 cannabinoids but still stands out. Of course, the non-psychoactive nature means CBD being popular, unlike THC, which Schlienz et al. (2018) defined as intoxicating and psychoactive. Is that the only reason why CBD is popular? According to Watt & Karl (2017), CBD is therapeutic. Many CBD fans are attracted to the cannabinoid because of the therapy linked to it.

CBD Gummies- What Are They?

There are many ways to deliver CBD to the body, CBD gummies being among them. The cells cannot take CBD as a compound but through vehicles or delivery methods, it can take them in. of course, the whole idea of gummies is not new, and many supplements and vitamins come as gummies. CBD gummies are sweet chewable products with CBD as the main ingredient. The JustCBD CBD gummies and Sleep Options come in different colors, flavors, and forms that you can tap into to benefit from CBD. Besides, if you need Sugar-free or vegan gummies, the JustCBD store got your back. Like the rest of the products in the store’s inventory, CBD gummies feature several options that you could go for.

Other CBD Delivery Methods

CBD gummies are many CBD fans’ favorite method of delivering CBD to the body. Of course, not all users find them great, since they need time for digestion and take 45 minutes- 1 hour to kick in, which is definitely a long time. How else would one take CBD if he is not for the sweet gummies? You could opt for the following delivery methods, which are available at the JustCBD store;

  1. CBD oils; are administered sublingually or orally to take advantage of CBD.
  2. CBD tinctures; are more like CBD oils in intake but have an alcohol base, making them slightly bitter and earthy
  3. CBD topicals; CBD creams are a few of the many products that you can topically apply to the skin to benefit from CBD
  4. CBD capsules; if you find CBD oils and tinctures too bitter, CBD capsules that mask the bitter taste are great for you
  5. CBD edibles; CBD gummies are not the only edibles there are, you can go for CBD honey sticks, worms, rings, and many other options
  6. CBD vapes; you can vape CBD oils using CBD carts, pens, and tanks

The Concept of CBD Potency in Gummies

Are you new to CBD? You need to understand the potency concept to help you choose the ideal CBD gummies for you. CBD concentration is the total CBD in a jar or a bottle. For instance, a 30 ml bottle with 1000 mg CBD has 1000 mg CBD concentration while a 500 mg CBD gummy jar has 500 mg CBD concentration. You need not calculate concentrations; you read them directly off the containers. However, potency is a bit different. It refers to the total CBD concentration divided by the units (number) or total volume. The 1000 mg CBD concentration in the 30 ml bottle translates to a 33.3 mg/ml potency and the 500 mg CBD concentration in the CBD gummies translates to 20 mg/unit if the jar has 25 gummies. Unlike CBD concentration which one reads off the jar, you have to calculate potencies.

Are 500 mg CBD Strong?

If you are buying your CBD gummies from the JustCBD store or any other CBD outlet, you may ask if the 500 mg concentrated gummies are strong. Yes, they are strong and have effects that last long. Thus, if you are new to CBD gummies and want something whose effects are strong but not too strong for you while still lasting long, the 500 mg gummies will definitely be great for you. all you need to do is visit the JustCBD online store and order CBD gummies of your choice. They come in many options, including the Rainbow Ribbons, Sour Rings, Bears, Worms, and more that you can choose. They are wonderfully colored, making them even more appealing.

How Many Gummies Should You Eat?

How many gummies should you eat? The CBD industry is largely unregulated, making this a tricky question to answer. People have varying CBD needs and while one gummy might be enough for you, another fellow might need more or less. However, the potency of CBD gummies matters in determining how many gummies you need. The more potent the gummies are, the less you need to experience CBD effects. besides, CBD metabolism is also important since faster metabolism may allow you to eat two gummies without feeling overwhelmed while low potency limits the number of gummies you can take.


The 500 CBD gummies on the JustCBD store are strong. If you are new to CBD and want something strong enough and whose effects last long, they are ideal for you. meanwhile, the 250 mg option is great for people who need something less strong. JustCBD store gummies come in many color, strength, and flavor options, all for you.


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