A Fun Review of Melo’s THC Beverages: Grapefruit and Wild Berries

I’ve had the pleasure of trying some THC beverages from Melo recently, and I wanted to share my experience with you all! Melo offers a couple of different options when it comes to flavors: Grapefruit and Wild Berries, so let’s dive into what each one is like.


First up, we have Melo’s Grapefruit THC beverage. This one really caught my eye because I love anything citrusy, and this drink did not disappoint. The grapefruit flavor is fresh and zesty without being too overpowering. It offers a clean, refreshing taste that hits the spot, especially on a warm day.

The THC effect was smooth and mellow, just the right amount to give you a nice, relaxed feeling without being too intense. It’s perfect for chilling out in the evening or winding down after a long day.

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Wild Berries

Next, I tried the Wild Berries flavor. If you’re into fruity drinks, this one is definitely for you. It has a blend of different berries that create a sweet and tangy taste—great for those who like a more flavorful beverage.

Similar to the Grapefruit, the THC effects were very balanced and gentle. It’s the kind of drink you’d enjoy at a social gathering to keep things fun and chill. Personally, I found it a little on the sweeter side, but not so much that it detracted from the overall enjoyment.

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Final Thoughts

Both flavors have a similar THC potency (5mg) which I found to be just the right amount for a good time without going overboard. What I really appreciate about Melo’s THC beverages is that they are low in sugar and have no artificial sweeteners, so they feel light and easy to drink.

In terms of packaging, the cans have a sleek, modern design that looks great on your coffee table or in the cooler at a picnic. Plus, they’re portable and easy to bring along for any occasion.

Overall, I was very happy with both flavors. If you’re looking for a fun and refreshing way to enjoy THC, I highly recommend giving Melo’s Grapefruit and Wild Berries beverages a try!

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